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Former QLD Senator Len Harris reveals the truth about your property deeds in this ALARMING E-book Q&A affecting all Queenslanders!

Not knowing this could cost you your home!

The Queensland Government has cancelled all home ownership documentation and title deeds making them void with no legal value!

The problem is most Queenslanders are totally unaware and are left with no legal way of providing home ownership documentation. A ‘certificate of title’ from the Queensland Titles Office now does NOT provide proof of ownership, as this certificate “cease to be evidence”.

Concerned Queenslanders are shocked at how and why this has snuck through under the radar! Are you angered by this? Do you want your Deeds reinstated and security of ownership held with you? Do you want to know where your details are now legally held?

Truth revealed and your questions answered in the E-book, ‘Where is My Deed?”

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