Potential ownership changes of the companies that hold our Titles

Did you know Link is one of three company owner’s of PEXA who hold 70% of the records of properties in Australia.

What you may not know, is that earlier this year (July 2021) Link was considering either doing an Initial Public Offer (IPO) of 1.8 Billion sale of shares in PEXA or selling it outright still as a private company (not listed on the stock exchange) for $3.8 Billion!

Among other PEXA owners, Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners agreed previously to sell its entire 40 per cent stake, while Commonwealth Bank is expected to acquire shares in the IPO process to lift its stake to almost 25 per cent from 15.8 per cent.


Due to no industry support for either of those proposals the future of PEXA is unsure…


How do YOU feel about this? 


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