Open Voice Interview – 14 Nov 2021

Former Senator Len Harris has been fighting for the rights of all property owners across Queensland.
In 2019 the state government made serious changes to our Land Act which has stripped Queenslanders of their right to hold proof of ownership for their properties because those papers are now invalid.
Len says that there is a huge danger in what the government have done because now that our paper property deeds are void and worthless, there is a huge insecurity in having the only proof of ownership held online.
Not only is it held online, but it’s also not even held by the government, it’s held by private companies, three in particular, and if you want proof of ownership of your own property at any one time then you need to pay these companies to provide you with a digital copy that expires after 30 days.
These changes were made without consulting us, So Len has taken action to push the government to revisit and reverse these changes and is doing this via his case in the Supreme Court.


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