About our team

The Silent Majority Team

Driving the Silent Majority is former Senator Len Harris who has spent the past year uncovering the deceitful actions of our elected representatives, most specifically the removal of Title Deeds. 

In between times Len has been travelling the highways and byways of Queensland to give the unheard people of Queensland a voice. 

Len lives up the creek in Mareeba just outside of Cairns.

A proponent of Live and Let Live, Debra Yuille lives by the Libertarian Creed ‘No man, woman or group thereof has the right to initiate fraud, force or coercion against another man, woman or group thereof.’ 

She is an advocate for the revival of critical thinking and right to personal privacy. Debra is vehemently opposed to the Digital ID, values individual Liberty and the right to live our lives free from Government interference and control. 

Debra lives on the Gold Coast with her husband James.