3 April 2022 Update

Firstly, a big welcome to AFL Solicitors and Associates (AFL). The Silent Majority, that is you, now have one of the best legal firms in Sydney on the Supreme Court Case. AFL have formally accepted carriage of the case and a formal cost agreement has been entered into and as the Applicant I am responsible for expenses incurred by AFL and am already responsible for the adjournment cost on two of the direction hearings.  Matt Hopkins has already established with the Court and the Qld Gov Solicitors that cost will be addressed after the decision in the Case has been handed down.

Secondly: Mr Thomas Stephens (Tom) of O’Reilly Stephens Lawyers acting as Town Agents for AFL negotiated for an adjournment until 20th of May at 10.00am for the trial. This adjournment was critical to allow AFL to develop a solid foundation of fact as to how the Queensland Government has erred at Law and exceeded their Constitutional Powers in entering into and altering one of the pivotal elements in a Civil Equitable Contract exercised at Law by two individual parties.

Thirdly: When I commenced this action on 30th June 2021 I was only aware of one Queensland Act that is the Land, Explosive and Other Legislation Amendment Act QLD 2019. Since then I have due to my research established there are an additional five other Acts that contribute as to how we find our selves without documentation to prove we own our Homes, Highrise Units, Commercial Properties or rural properties of up to hundreds of thousands of hectares. NO one in Queensland, New South Wales and soon to be, any other part of Australia, due to ALL States and Territories have been derelict in their duty to provide safe, secure and accurate records of every parcel of land in their area of responsibility is secure, now have Legal Documents of Ownership.

Forth: As of Sunday I will be back on the road starting at Innisfail on Sunday 3rd April 2022 at 10.00am, Warrina Lakes Botanical Gardens 35 Emily Street, Innisfail.


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