Welcome to The Silent Majority

Driving the Silent Majority is Len Harris, a former Queensland Senator who has recently made the decision to hit the road and give the unheard people of Queensland a voice.

The Silent Majority idea was conceived after Len learned of one of his mate’s land ownership plights.

It’s time Australia

Join former Senators Rod Culleton and Len Harris as they tour around Australia (Western Australia in May) and address the People of Australia as Australian Nationals, in order to have the UK Government appoint a new Governor General pursuant to our Constitution.
Latest updates will be Live Streamed on the GAP Facebook page.

‘Give Len a Leg-Up’

Former Senator Len Harris has already driven 4026kms in order to accompany Rod Culleton on their epic journey around Australia. 

Please, ‘Give Len a Leg-Up’ on his leg from Adelaide where he will be picking up the Silent Majority van, now converted to Stand up Australia, for his journey back to Queensland.


‘Give Len a Leg-Up’ by being a fuel sponsor to help with the cost of the tour.


$20 donation = 80km

$25 donation = 100km

$50 donation = 200km

Latest News Articles

For the latest news on when and where to find Len as he tours through Western Australia during May, click below to be taken to the itinerary.

The Amendment Bill in Question

Read the Extract

Land, Explosives and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018. Extract download

Read the Full Amendment Bill

Land, Explosives and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018. Full document download

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Not knowing this could cost you your premises!

The QLD government has cancelled all title deeds making them void with no legal value!

The only secure legal record of owning your home now lies with one of three corporations.

The problem is most Queenslanders are totally unaware and are left with no legal way of providing homeownership documentation. (A ‘certificate of title’ from the QLD Titles Office now does NOT provide proof of ownership, as this certificate “cease to be evidence”).

Concerned Queenslanders are shocked at how and why this has snuck through under the radar! Are you angered by this? Do you want your Deeds reinstated and security of ownership held with you? Do you want to know where your details are now legally held?

Truth revealed and your questions answered in our free QLD Business Info Pack.

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Only 2 minutes of your time to make sure your important issues are heard

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